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Blockchain technology is a rapidly advancing innovation that is revolutionizing the future. But the question is: “What does it take to onboard the next million users in blockchain technology adoption?”

Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Solana, and thousands of blockchains form unique ecosystems. However, interoperability barriers hinder seamless transactions, posing a challenge to widespread adoption. With the rapid emergence of diverse blockchain ecosystems, seamless communication is essential.

Zeus Network aims to address this by unifying the fragmented landscape.

Powered by Solana Virtual Machine (SVM), Zeus Network empowers Zeus Layer (nodes) to ensure robust security and seamless data exchange. This initiative clears the path for Solana to become the premier hub for all ecosystems, captivating millions of users across diverse blockchains.

Facilitating interoperable communication among cross-chain dApps, Zeus Network empowers liquidity and complex applications to seamlessly engage with Solana in a decentralized and permissionless environment, making web3 easy and accessible to everyone.

First Mission: Apollo, bringing BTC liquidity to Solana

Are you ready to embrace this new era with us?

Claim $ZEUS Airdrop

3% of the total supply will be distributed to:

Dappie Gang HoldersDappie Gang Holders: 1%
Zealy SupportersZealy Supporters: 1%
JUP VotersJUP Voters: 1%

Connect your wallet and check how much allocation you’ll get.

Trade & Setup Your order

Preset Limit Orders or DCA in advance to acquire tokens at launch. New tokens are volatile, set a maximum price limit when trading them.

Initial Price

0.4032 USDC

Spot Price


Max Price

0.6987 USDC

DCA may not execute initially when competition is high. The larger your order, the greater the chance it will be executed. USDC orders will have a higher chance of succeeding.
Unknown / Unknown
Priority fees are only used to create new orders, and will not improve your chances of getting filled.
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