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A community coin to give back and immortalize WEN culture.

$WEN is for the community born from @weremeow's fractionalized poem NFT. Managed by Ovols and launched through the Jupiter Beta Launchpad.


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Priority fees might be high during the launch period, and should subside quickly after launch.

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Meteora DLMM
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Chaos for Good: On-chain launches for a million users

We are testing a new approach for Defi 2.0 projects to launch with fully transparent on-chain market making & no shenanigans. On-chain launches are quite a different beast with a ton of coordination needed between infrastructure partners, and education of new concepts for users (slippage, gas, network congestions, price curves). Jupiter is pushing it to the limit with more than 1 million users & bots claiming & trading at the same time — join us in the pioneering mess & pave the way for future projects to launch on-chain!

Under the hood: DLMM pool

We are using a custom single-sided Meteora DLMM pool as a novel mechanism to bootstrap early liquidity. It has a low inital price for rapid price discovery and to attract immediate USDC liquidity for paper paws to dump. It also provides early backstop liquidity that the team cannot withdraw. 100% transparent and on chain, no drama.

How can I use Limit Orders & DCA?

In times of network congestion, such as airdrop claims, you can try increasing your priority fees. You can change your settings on the bottom footer. You might also need to loosen your price targets and slippage tolerance to get your trades through. Bear in mind that your slippage setting and max/min price settings are there to protect you, so it has to be within your tolerance.

What can I do with $WEN?

You can claim $WEN from this page, or trade it using Swap, DCA and Limit Orders.
You can also go to other AMMs like to provide liquidity for $WEN and earn trading fees.
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Is this token by the Jupiter team?

The $WEN token is the first poem token launched using Jupiter’s new LFG launchpad, by the Ovols team.
Read the tweet here.

What’s the airdrop criteria? users who swapped more than $5 in volume within the past 6 months (before Jan 19 UTC 00:00) or had DCA/LO/Perps orders filled, or Ovols NFT holders, or bluechip NFT holders, or Genesis Saga Holders all received an equal airdrop of 643,652 $WEN.

Current priority fees

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Jupiter intelligently decides the best fee for you. Set a max cap to prevent overpaying.