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The best exchange in defi put together by an entire community of cats.

Understand Jupiter

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Priority fees might be high during the launch period, and should subside quickly after launch.

Real Time Spot Price


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Trade & Setup Your Order

Preset Limit Orders or DCA in advance to acquire tokens at launch. New tokens are volatile, set a maximum price limit when trading them.

Initial Price

0.4032 USDC

Spot Price


Max Price

0.6987 USDC

DCA may not execute initially when competition is high. The larger your order, the greater the chance it will be executed. USDC orders will have a higher chance of succeeding.
Unknown / Unknown
Priority fees are only used to create new orders, and will not improve your chances of getting filled.


Chaos for Good: On-chain launches for a million users

We are testing a new approach for Defi 2.0 projects to launch with fully transparent on-chain market making & no shenanigans. On-chain launches are quite a different beast with a ton of coordination needed between infrastructure partners, and education of new concepts for users (slippage, gas, network congestions, price curves).

Jupiter is pushing it to the limit with more than 1 million users & bots claiming & trading at the same time — join us in the pioneering mess & pave the way for future projects to launch on-chain!

Under the hood: DLMM pool

We are using a custom single-sided Meteora DLMM pool as a novel mechanism to bootstrap early liquidity. It has a low inital price for rapid price discovery and to attract immediate USDC liquidity for paper paws to dump. It also provides early backstop liquidity that the team cannot withdraw. 100% transparent and on chain, no drama.

How do I buy $JUP?

You may set up Limit Orders & DCA Orders before $JUP goes live, and we will try to fill your orders when trading begins.

After trading has begun, you can also claim your airdrop allocation and swap as usual.

Should I use Limit Orders or DCA?

Limit Orders are very useful if you know exactly the price you want to buy $JUP at. DCAs are useful if you want to spread your orders out over-time, and accumulate JUP without being particular about price.

If you’re new to Jupiter’s DCAs & LOs, ask us in Discord!

How do I use priority fees on Jupiter?

Jupiter has a Market Fee footer, at the bottom of this page. View the current fees others are paying for various actions on Jupiter. You can then set a Max Fee, and Jupiter will intelligently change the fee to land your transactions.

You can even set an Exact Fee override to default to the fee you chose.

Take note for LO & DCA, these fees only apply for opening and not filling orders.

Current priority fees

Create Limit/DCA
Max CapExact Fee
Jupiter intelligently decides the best fee for you. Set a max cap to prevent overpaying.